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Starting today and lasting probably until the end of 2019, if you buy one tincture (isolate or full spectrum), you get one half off. This only applies to two packs of oil tinctures, all two packs. Below is the link to the site and on the menu pulldown, click on oil. No coupon needed as sale prices are already listed. Act now before it’s too late!

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Herbal Pharm Rx and Tweedle Farms Sample Products

Recently, we were sent a bunch of samples from Herbal Pharm Rx and Tweedle Farms. A myriad of CBD isolate, flower, CBG and other rubs, ointments, edibles, buds, doggie treats, pre-rolls, wax and combination tinctures besides CBG isolate and CBN oil.

I had started to review each Tweedle Farms product but decided to put them all in this posting.

Every flower based product received from Tweedle Farms came in above what we are used to getting locally. The pre-rolls were all superb in strains such as Lifter, Suver Haze, Elektra and a 1 gram wax/shatter that only added to the strength of cone or the smokeable you choose to use it with. Every product was above 18% CBD concentration with rich terpene profiles and a great number of Cannabinoids for all their given purposes. If you want a great site for raw flower in any size in many strains with full information about each strain, this is a great site for you. The wax is an almost given purchase with any flower or even in its own. All lab reports are right there on the website as they are very transparent and don’t hide anything from current or new customers.

The CBG:CBD tincture was great since it was only a 15ml tester it didn’t last too long for me but was excellent in numerous ways. I had excellent sleep falling into deep sleep for more than 3 hours a night which I normally don’t do for more than 30 minutes a night. In addition to the amount of sleep, my generalized anxiety was way lower when stressed out at work and my pain level was incredibly manageable with NO painsomnia in its combination of 20:1 CBD to CBG of 250mg CBD only and I require way more CBD than that normally so the blend of CBG was indeed perfect which goes to show you that you do not require much CBD when there is CBG mixed in the tincture in a 10 or 20:1 combination where 20:1 is most common. So to make it last, after I used up the 250mg 15ml tincture, I bought the 30ml 1000mg CBD:CBG tincture and it’s lasted well over 2 months so far and again, I’m in deep sleep far more than I’m used to with all the extra added benefits of high concentration full spectrum CBD oil.

Now with Herbal Pharm Rx, we received many a product to test and possibly carry in the future. In no particular order, we received 2 unnamed 1 gram pre-rolls in nice sturdy wrapping to both keep them fresh and protected from bends or kinks, 1 1000mg CBD freeze balm good for deep massage without getting all over your hands and not coming off. If you place it on sinus cavity exit points and trigger point and rub it in, it helps with sinus headaches, Occipital Neuralgia related headaches and any other things you can think would benefit from a CBD pain-relieving freeze balm. Then we got a 2000mg CBD roll-on with menthol it feels like and is excellent for topical application for muscle joint and nerve pain with a higher CBD concentration than the balm. It’s a large 3oz bottle with a roll on applicator. It says to use up to 6 times a day, I think 4-5 is enough for me which means 4 for the average person without a chronic pain issue. The next product is a 5000mg CBD isolate tincture in Lemon in MCT oil that is great for everything and at 5000mg, 30ml will last you forever. That’s 166.6mg per dose (per ml basically) so each dose is between 100 and 150mg as you never get a full pull on the tincture. The next product is a 30 pill 300mg CBD bottle labeled Sleep where each pill is 10mg with added 3mg of melatonin. Now you know I’m not a fan of supplementing melatonin because the more you supplement the less your body makes naturally but during winter months, having the extra 3mg is beneficial as there is far less sunlight to help your body synthesize vitamin D into melatonin. Personally I take 2 tablets during the winter months for that added benefit. The next product were all natural doggie treats that are 10mg each that you can eat if you wanted as there are no surprise ingredients in them. I don’t have a dog so I have them to my cousin who has a dog and he said that their dog has been calmer and more relaxed and less rambunctious but they usually give him 2 at a time. To me I think it’s better to take a doggie treat versus oil because it’s hard to get a dog to keep it under their tongue for extended periods so it fully works… The last product is an Awake formula that is 30 pills, 25mg CBD per pill and 200mg caffeine per pill as well. As someone with afib, 200mg is just too much for me so I’m giving this bottle to one of my coffee loving work mates and have them review them for me. The person I have in mind loves their coffee do much that they would probably open up the capsule and mix it into a large cup of already strong coffee. So if you are waiting for a review of that, I’ll have it soon. And the last product is both a novelty and good for tea: CBD honey sticks. Each pack is 10 10mg CBD honey sticks and they are very sweet, organic and make any tea that much better with just the perfect amount of CBD.

I am awaiting a package of CBN from another company so stick around as I’ll have that soon with an accompanied review soon after.

Be well.

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CBD Flower/CBD Review; Suver Haze

It’s that time again. I finished a product, a half ounce of CBD flower in the strain of Suver Haze.

This particular hybrid hemp flower has a high CBD concentration, 19.8% CBD, with many Cannabinoids and Terpenes combined as it’s a hybrid of two strains.

As this flower is among the few strains with high concentrations of CBD above 18% and has many Cannabinoids/terpenes, it was only necessary that I review my experience with it as my 1/2 ounce was finished last night in the middle of a headache caused by my occipital neuralgia so right off the bat, this is an excellent choice for those of my fellow Spoonies with pain problems.

Originally my flower guy gave me this half ounce on his own word that it would help those with chronic pain issues due to the CBD concentration, cannabinoids and Terpene isolates knowing that I would be back for more. Now let’s get a little technical about what makes Suver Haze.

4 independent sites give it above a 4.5/5 consistently for pain and overall effects.

Bred by Oregon CBD, Suver Haze crosses their high-performance Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry. It’s an excellent strain with the ability to be grown in many climates within the US; very versatile and forgiving in all those different climates.

This bud has aroma notes of black pepper and sweet fruits. It has a citrus, earthy and woody taste profile.

There are MANY things this particular strain is great for. The #1 being stress. The other great effects it has are on such things as pain, inflammation, fatigue and depression. The one downfall? It can cause dry eyes, big whoop. As I use it in a joint/cone/blunt/bowl with CBD/CBG wax, I’m asleep within 20 to 30 minutes of smoking a bowl of it or an entire joint/cone with or without the CBD/CBG wax I just picked up as you saw in a very recent post so it’s primarily been just Suver Haze alone for months.

Conclusion: great for headaches, inflammation causing pain, is EXCELLENT on insomnia, won’t make you fail a drug test and can be picked up for about $6-8 USD per gram with discounts in larger amounts. I suggest checking out Tweedle farms website -> link to website – Tweedle Farms – and see if you can find it there as they carry the largest collection of CBD flower of any other online shop. I have no skin in the game with Tweedle Farms so I gain nothing by pushing their great products, I just will occasionally post URLs to sites that have products that will benefit the masses and Spoonie community who use CBD but want a better CBD product than just weak “CBD rich hemp oil” yet provide no lab reports. I have noticed that more users that email us ask about such information and due to the flooded CBD market due to the Farm Bill of 2018, there is an abundance of weak, cheap and plain old crappy CBD companies which are ending up turning people away from the products that actually started this market originally.

So in conclusion, Suver Haze is a great solution for anyone looking for great high concentration CBD flower/nugs where it’s been and always will be cheaper than marijuana which will increase your stress and anxiety levels due to the massive increase in heart rate besides it not being legal in all 50 States yet. I have a medicinal marijuana card that I am unable to use due to restrictions the DEA has placed on doctors who prescribe narcotics. Those particular patients, like me, are drug tested every 30 or so days to satisfy the DEA and the state that since you are on narcotics, you aren’t using illicit drugs like cocaine, meth, marijuana (again, even with a medical card) and other drugs or else the doctor is supposed to cut you off which is their way of forcing you into rehab but the doctor, for example pain management, doesn’t drop you. If you pass your next drug test they make you re-sign the anti-drug contract that you signed the first day you ever started with whatever particular doctor it is/was that was prescribing you narcotics. Fail a second time, and there is no third attempt – within the entire state due to their narcotic patient databases – to restart your previous narcotic treatment.

Sure, narcotics are covered by your insurance company’s drug plans but is medical marijuana? NOPE! The one cream I was allowed to get was a THC rich CBD cream that now as if my last pain Dr appointment is now on file and shows up in your drug tests in far smaller concentrations but still show up. I’m glad they are allowing that.

When I brought the CBD buds in for their information or to have them take a picture and put it in my file they said “oh no need, we encourage CBD usage” as they push Charlotte’s Web in the office; no matter where you look is a pamphlet about CW CBD tinctures. I’ve been giving them information about highly effective strains of CBD on pain such as Suver Haze and Elektra to name just two. A lot of the other strains for pain have around 15-17% concentrations of CBD but their trichomes contain cannabinoids and terpenes designed for pain such as Myrcene, Pinene, Terpinolene, Linalool, Limonene, Beta-caryophollene and others as this terpene isolate list can get quite long and I will save “Terpenes for Pain Relief” for another post in the very near future.

In the meantime, if you can find such CBD strains like Dancehall or Charlotte’s Web which have the #1 effect of eliminating pain, they will be the next strain-related posts I make including OG Kush which has a fairly GENEROUS amount of CBD and for me is awesome for pain relief and cutting down on inflammation. I have about 10 more OG Kush pre-rolled cones and afterwards end up in absolutely no pain and inflammation with awesome mobility in the neck with far less insomnia/painsomnia.


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