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Starting today and lasting probably until the end of 2019, if you buy one tincture (isolate or full spectrum), you get one half off. This only applies to two packs of oil tinctures, all two packs. Below is the link to the site and on the menu pulldown, click on oil. No coupon needed as sale prices are already listed. Act now before it’s too late!

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Insomnia and Weighted Blankets

I’ve been reading more stories especially case studies about Insomniacs who have solved their problems themselves. The one common factor of all of these is the user in the study added a cooling weighted blanket of 12 to 18lbs.

Filled with glass beads to allow for cooling, they are all sewn in place in a box stitch so the beads don’t all fall into one location and leave half the blanket empty on one side.

I had ordered one a few nights ago and received it yesterday in the mail and found an 18lb 60″x70″ blanket that offers great cooling and a much more relaxed feeling. The weight removes anxiety, adds to an all night feeling of being comforted or hugged and when Stacey throws her leg onto me it adds to the weight instead of cutting off the blood supply like it used to do before a thicker blanket. She was under this blanket as well and woke up about 30 minutes ago telling me about the best sleep she’s had in years where in her sleep tracker it showed over 8 hours of sleep. Stupid iWatch holds your heart rate better than the Fitbit. It might be time to get an iWatch with my holiday bonuses if u don’t got out receive one as a gift.

Tonight I test the Muse 2 and Weighted blanket to see what my sleep results are.

Weighted blankets are more expensive than regular comforters or quilts and usually start around $80 for a 60″x70″ size and more to add in cooling starting at 12lbs. 12lbs to 18lbs. It’s perfect for users above 120lbs and the one I bought was a Beautyrest. It’s 100% polyester faux mink fabric with diamond quilting. Not only is there a glass bead material sewn in but also poly fill to help distribute the weight for an even feeling.

You can always try one and return it within 30 days as most places sell weighted blankets such as Costco, bed bath beyond, Target, Kohl’s and others like Sam’s Club etc.

Sleep well!

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National CBD Day!

If you have yet to do so, JOIN THE #CBDMOVEMENT starting on 8/8/19, Thursday also known as today!

All orders above 75 dollars will qualify for free shipping and prices have been slashed by up to 30% with great deals on the purest CBD isolate from crystalline and cheaper specialty products under the same product line of CBD isolates called CBDelicious with an amazing concentration of the highest purity CBD isolate I’ve seen yet. Both the crystalline and powder are medical food grade products that mix into anything whether you are missing said product into food products, beauty creams, creams with these isolate additives to help with chronically ill issues such as chronic pain or put under the tongue like tinctures for mentally issues like anxiety, depression control and many other malodies including controlling blood sugar levels in diabetes but under the tongue had the same effect as oil does on all the malodies listed and more..

Besides isolates there are obviously full spectrum tinctures where the 1000mg 30ml bottles are on sale for $60 down from either 70 or 80, I’m unsure what the original price was but you can see it on the page as the original prices are still listed but crossed off. I don’t know if this coupon code still works but TAKE20 would take %20 off the full spectrum 1000mg 30ml product only when applied at checkout.

One of the companies we deal with, CBDistillery, has put the ultimate CBD user guide so I put it online for reading and commenting with questions enabled if needed. Here is the link

CBD User Guide PDF

Here is the main link to the site as I’ve shortened it for your ease of access:


If you have and questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! We respond to emails within 8 to 24 hours.

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CBD Edibles and Insomnia – Dosing Values

Recently my insomnia has reached a peak to the point where I was getting 30 minutes to two hours of sleep a night. Having a sleep disorder can be debilitating to many in this world we live in and shouldn’t be part of our day to day lives.

When I first started talking CBD I figured it would help squash my insomnia until reality set in and it was doing nothing for it. Then I read something interesting recently. CBD in regular quantities will have an effect which will make you alert and awake while in greater quantities will have the opposite effect of sleepiness.

Every AM and PM I take 1 full tincture from my 1500mg bottle. This was not doing anything towards my insomnia at all but it did shut my brain up for a significant amount of time at night.

Two days ago I bought a 1000mg total jar of edible CBD gummies, the sour flat strips because my CBD guy said someone who weighs 250lbs buys one jar every 3 months because he cuts them in half due to the fact that they knock him out quickly and for the entire night.

Since I have a sleeping disorder and not just insomnia I figured that for me one entire strip would work for me. In total, one strip is 30mg of CBD. The first night I skipped the tincture and took one strip instead. I fell asleep at 11 and woke up at 4. Not bad for someone like me. The next night I returned to taking the tincture and one strip and slept from 11 to 7 without any walking up in the middle of the night. Again, excess CBD has the effect of sleepiness versus alertness and in this example proved to me that this but of information was correct for me at least.

The jar of edibles is made by “Just CBD” and comes in various strengths and kinds of gummies and the full spectrum CBD oil I use lately is Tanazil which I wholesale locally to retail stores. I highly suggest both brands for everything you use CBD for and remember that the dose of CBD matters with regards to normal versus extra CBD and the effect it will have on you.

During the weekend I like to catch up on sleep until 2-3pm and today I woke up at 7:30am, took another gummy and a tincture and went back to bed sleeping another 5 hours. At this rate my sleep debt will be caught up to normal eventually, faster as opposed to never, and I’m happy with that.

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