Homemade CBD and Custom Terpene “oil”

Through this painful journey I’ve been on, not finding products or relief from pain killers, procedures, creams, high dose CBD products and only having luck with ONE CBD strain, I decided to delve into why this one particular strain worked better than anything and did it quickly, lasted a long time and had no druggy after effects.

After doing the research on the strain I was smoking, I found out a lot of interesting things:

  • I did research to find out the Terpenes and labels of each one in this particular strain and I came up with this: These 4 Terpene isolates were found in high levels – Myrcene, Beta-Carophyllene, Linalool and Pinene. These 4 particular Terpene isolates are known for their pain relieving qualities. A few other pain reducing Terpenes in lower concentrations were Humulene, Ocilene, Terpinolene and Limonene.

So what did I do? I went onto Amazon and found a 4 pack of dietary (ingestible) terpenes made by Elevation Terpenes that was 45 dollars for the 4 pack and then bought CBD isolate powder, 3 grams of it to start off with which was around 88 dollars but will last a long time. The CBD isolate powder I bought from the CBDistillery as a quantity of (3) 1 gram purchases using a 10% off coupon of “CBDMOVEMENT”.

So I started to play with different combinations of ingredients knowing that you can’t go wrong with any combination. The best combination to date with the greatest effects was mixing Myrcene and Beta-Carophyllene together in a 2:1 ratio to each other and then adding about 40-50mg of CBD powder. So it ends up being 60-70mg total. 20mg of terpenes and 40-50mg of CBD powder. Then take it under the tongue like you would a CBD oil, not all of it, just what looks like a common sense amount but remember you can’t overdose on this, you can only run out quicker using more. Perhaps get jars, a dropper, coconut oil and milligram measuring capability to do this whole thing right. Obviously to get the full effect you want to use all 4 of the Terpenes included in the pack so a dropper bottle and measuring methods should be on your list.

Yes, the initial investment may be costly but it won’t cost as much after your first dropper bottle is empty and it’s time to make more..

If you have any questions about using all terpenes, CBD powder and MCT oil such as coconut oil and combining them right, just email me and I’ll help you with probably the best and strongest home made pain remedy that’s a 99% pure CBD with full spectrum ingredients.

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Upcoming Vaping Juice Flavored Nicotine Ban In New York State.

As the country follows suit with whatever California does first, as a past precedent, New York ends up following suit to be lessons to the other states to have 2 large influential States creating laws labeling products carcinogenic, dangerous to the body, deadly, unhealthy, unwell, leading to long term health problems, etc.

Now here in New York, legislation was introduced into the state Senate and this time, the second time, with stories of deaths and people in the ICU for extended stays due to lung failure from vaping and how it’s all over the news now, this bill will pass, without doubt – and it has vape shops all over Long Island freaking out in how they can still make money legally after throwing away thousands upon thousands of dollars of already bought inventory..

All of the stores that are vape stores that sell vape juice and vape systems will now be forced to shut down or stay open with products that offer no taste/flavor vapor juice, offering no choices to customers forced to throw out their current stocks of product losing up to 30 to 50 THOUSAND dollars in already purchased product.

My main store is being forced, by the local town, to eliminate all flavored nicotine juices and I know for this particular store it is an action forcing them to lose over 70k in current inventory of juice, pods, pod refills, salts and anything vapeable that contains both tobacco and flavoring.

Here is the link to the legislation and the last line of what our local brothers and sisters can do for the local industry:

Click here for legislation information and what you can do.

Only the masses can inflict change and sway congressman and their constituent armies.

This has NO effect on CBD or Kratom products even flavored CBD/Hemp Oil juice for vaping. It’s only for tobacco.

The vape shops that have diversified to include a large amount of other products and smokeables like cigars, CBD flower, CBD joints, non smokeable CBD tinctures, CBD *products at least won’t lose that side of business but the majority of stores here never diversified and to be honest, we are happy that these arrogant overpriced stores such as Liquid Lyfe will be put out of business. Stores like that reap what they sow and the Karma is coming around and giving them the big middle finger they deserve. Out of 14 stores I know, 2 have diversified to include the smallest amount of limited CBD products at ridiculous prices. They will have to take a careful look at their business models going further or face the music. The largest of stores that I’ve been representing for a while will flourish after the firs dust settles as they have a huge selection of pipes, dab kits, CBD products and Kratom products and of course the ability of users to vape CBD with a limited amount of products such as refillable pod units where now instead of nicotine we will attract the CBD population now.

The other stores that do offer CBD offer a very small selection of one brand for example at high costs to the user, higher than online prices just to make up for lost business and expensive product they can’t sell correctly and can’t keep a store open like that without diversification of brands and prices.

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Elixinol Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Review: 3600mg

I’ve heard a lot about Elixinol from people around the globe usually those who use their Nano Lipisome product but was able to get my hands on the highest US-available tincture which is their 3600mg full spectrum CO2 extracted CBD oil.

Now let me first off start by saying that this bottle is huge, it’s 4oz, 120ml which means that this is not truly 3600mg. It’s the equivalent of 4 bottles of 900mg each. And to go even further, it’s not even 900mg of CBD as most of it is hemp oil extract, not CBD rich hemp oil extract or else other reviews and the label would say that. As this is a reputable company that is up front about their CBD content, they are surely not being up front to the customer who only reads “CBD” versus the other ingredients.

Why would you choose to carry a highly reviewed product that is not honest to those who know about the intricacies of fooling new customers with what turns out to be inaccurate information and to people who know this industry well?

Let’s go over the label for the 3600mg 4oz tincture.

No where does it say “3600mg CBD” instead of course it says “hemp oil” just like those hemp products you would find on Amazon, a site that doesn’t sell CBD oil in any form. They sell hemp oil which means no COAs as they are not required.

Elixinol doesn’t give you a COA past heavy metal composition or pesticides found. Not a single piece of paper that says CBD, Cannabinoid or terpene contents. Also, the certificate of analyses with this information is by the company, not an impartial 3rd party lab.

The marketing information on their website found in the description for said product is the only thing people have to go by. Even the label doesn’t say “3600mg of CBD oil”. It says Hemp Oil. There is no CBD written on the main portion of the label. The rear of the label containing the ingredients has a tiny amount of CBD oil per serving and far more hemp oil. Ingredients including vegetable glycerin AND coconut oil? Ingredients like aldehydes? Is this to prevent cancer or cause it? This product should be between 30 and 50 dollars at most on Amazon, not $250 usd. If this was 3600mg of full spectrum CBD oil in a 30ml bottle, that might be worth $250 and only then.

Don’t waste your money especially with the HelloMD %20 off coupon. This product had absolutely no effect on me, someone who actually takes what is above 3600mg in a 30ml bottle of full spectrum CBD oil.

Handed off between 3 other users of this site for their opinions they all said the same thing so I’m able to write what I did based on the opinions of 4 people who know CBD, COAs and labels and how companies try to fool you.

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Terpenes: Specific Profiles and Isolates For Specific Pain Problems.

Pain, inflammation, stiffness, overuse, cancer, illness, wasting, referred from, referred to, localized, radicular, neuralgia, neuropathy, injury, misspent youths, athletes, whatever you call it or refer to it as, pain is just like this list: all different. All with different causes, grades, illnesses, uses, over use, referred from one location to another another, so you wonder why there are so many different kinds of opioids on the market.

Before I continue I will agree with the general consensus: this country has an opioid problem. It’s not the patients fault unless, of course, that patient has drug selling behaviours no one had picked up before making them a great actor and mind you, doctors are excellent at finding these patients and denying them opioids because whatever pain they have is Tylenol worthy. Not Dilaudid worthy. Not tramadol worthy. Not hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine, buprenorphine, Suboxone, methadone, fentanyl, morphine, etc, worthy. So these users either realize that immediately or become statistics either via heroin ODs or other synthetic variants made in bathtubs that are 100 times more potent than transdermal fentanyl.

So if opioids isn’t the answer for you then what is? One word: Terpenes (either profiles or isolates).

There is one common misconception about terpenes: they are derived from the Cannabis plant be it hemp or Marijuana.

This is 100% untrue. As you know, cannabis – hemp or Marijuana – are plants, AKA botanicals. The Terpenes I use personally and put in our pain products are botanical terpene isolates but not from any plant in the cannabis species. The terpene isolates I use are from plants heavy in specific terpinoids, not plants that are high in one and low in another hence why we use Isolates: only one specific terpene from any one botanical.

There are a handful of Terpene isolates that are amazing at pain control, that aren’t expensive at all and can be made into a fully Entourage inducing product by using CBD isolate with added terpene isolates to complete the solution.

The list of Terpene Isolates that are great for both pain and inflammation are the following:

  • Myrcene – A study done just this year revealed that it’s uses as an anti-inflammatory and for treating pain from migraine and arthritis are exceptionally great for an herbal botanical ingredient.
  • Pinene – Also called Alpha-Pinene, is also a great anti-inflammatory which is also great for the immune and respiratory systems.
  • Linalool – Studied as a potent antioxidant, it’s properties Target the immune system and halt it’s inflammatory response.
  • Humulene – Proven to be an effective anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, appetite suppressant and anti-tumor.
  • Beta-Carophyllene – Shown to be an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant.
  • Limonene – Promotes weight loss, prevents cancer, treats cancer, and treats bronchitis
  • Terpinolene – Good as a mild sedative and can reduce anxiety. Anything that is good at reducing anxiety is often used to help with musculoskeletal pain like how they prescribe Valium for this sort of pain in the cervical spine.

For relaxation, a combination of Myrcene, Linalool, Terpinolene and Beta-Carophyllene can help aid insomniacs when mixed in the right combinations.

Personally, due to my pain from a degenerating c-spine, in forced to be on heavy non-impairing narcotics namely the transdermal 3 day fentanyl patch and oxycodone (Percocet). I supplement the extra pain I have that’s left over with terpenes, CBD and CBG combinations. U can always ask for an increase in the fentanyl dose but instead I go the natural route and find it to be highly beneficial due to the other effects it offers the human body.

I use the product “Elevation Terpenes” which can be found in Amazon for 15 dollars USD for small amounts but remember, you should be taking small quantities of terpenes for their effects versus trying to drown out your pain and insomnia with extra amounts of terps. Your body and it’s CB1 and CB2 receptors in your ECS can only transmit and metabolize so much at once.

Your initial investment for CBD isolate based solutions are 20 to 60 dollars of CBD isolate powder depending on how much you buy at once, each one of 4 terpenes are $15 on Amazon so that’s approximately $120 as an initial investment. I generally put in 1/2 gram per 1/2 gram of coconut oil, and 1-2 milligrams of each terpenes into a small jar. The only thing I would say you can change without ruining the broth is how much CBD isolate you decide to use, 1/2 gram versus 1 gram. Obviously there is more concentrated CBD in 1 gram versus 1/2 gram. To add CBG, add about 20-50 drops from a 30ml bottle which contains 1000mg total of CBG. Adding CBN is an option but it’s harder to find and then find at recent prices.

The concoction above is good for oral ingestion (sublingual) if the Terpenes you buy are dietary kinds such as the brand I mentioned.

What you see above is an option to either complete your pain management solution with narcotic usage or to replace it altogether.

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