Insomnia and Weighted Blankets

I’ve been reading more stories especially case studies about Insomniacs who have solved their problems themselves. The one common factor of all of these is the user in the study added a cooling weighted blanket of 12 to 18lbs.

Filled with glass beads to allow for cooling, they are all sewn in place in a box stitch so the beads don’t all fall into one location and leave half the blanket empty on one side.

I had ordered one a few nights ago and received it yesterday in the mail and found an 18lb 60″x70″ blanket that offers great cooling and a much more relaxed feeling. The weight removes anxiety, adds to an all night feeling of being comforted or hugged and when Stacey throws her leg onto me it adds to the weight instead of cutting off the blood supply like it used to do before a thicker blanket. She was under this blanket as well and woke up about 30 minutes ago telling me about the best sleep she’s had in years where in her sleep tracker it showed over 8 hours of sleep. Stupid iWatch holds your heart rate better than the Fitbit. It might be time to get an iWatch with my holiday bonuses if u don’t got out receive one as a gift.

Tonight I test the Muse 2 and Weighted blanket to see what my sleep results are.

Weighted blankets are more expensive than regular comforters or quilts and usually start around $80 for a 60″x70″ size and more to add in cooling starting at 12lbs. 12lbs to 18lbs. It’s perfect for users above 120lbs and the one I bought was a Beautyrest. It’s 100% polyester faux mink fabric with diamond quilting. Not only is there a glass bead material sewn in but also poly fill to help distribute the weight for an even feeling.

You can always try one and return it within 30 days as most places sell weighted blankets such as Costco, bed bath beyond, Target, Kohl’s and others like Sam’s Club etc.

Sleep well!

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Ayurvedic Sleep Formula – Constantly Refining…

So the original formula worked very well and was quite effective giving an Insomniac like me, who is used to 1-3 hours (if any at all) of sleep for the first night. Using a 15ml dropper and herbal extracts plus CBD isolate only, I put in 2ml of Kava Kava, L-Theanine, Valerian Root and Passion Flower (left out the Chamomile as I had chamomile tea that night) each so that’s 8ml leaving 7ml left over which I filled with my CBD isolate until I was satisfied the bottle was full to the point where it could still be shaken to be mixed well. I took 4ml (4 1ml dropper fulls)

The first night, I got around 7 hours (rounding up from 6.7 hours) of sleep waking up when there was light outside which had confused me! So I figured that since it worked like this the first night, I wouldn’t change anything. The second night was not the same and that was completely my fault. Before bed, what I thought was decaffeinated chai tea was in fact caffeinated and kept me up. I still managed to get 4 hours and a few minutes which I’m pretty much used to. The difference besides the aforementioned tea debacle was the first night I didn’t a considerable amount of time in both REM and deep sleep pattern sleep phases. 2 phases I rarely go into spending most time in light sleep.

The 2nd night I spent less time in deep sleep, some time in REM sleep but mostly in light sleep. Obviously you might be asking, “how do you know what phase you were in?” I use the Fitbit Charge 3 for sleep tracking and the Charge 2 before it. I’ve since received a Muse 2 unit for review/testing today but don’t plan on using it quite yet.

I have yet to have a similar night as the first night. Since then, I got a new shipment of 99% pure “high quality” CBD crystalline (isolate). 1 gram equals approximately 1000mg of CBD and CBDa. With the new 30ml tinctures I received (2 for now) I put 1 gram in each tincture. The crystalline refused to break apart in liquid easily especially after vigorous shaking with the liquid extracts already added but eventually everything broke down and was absorbed. I increased each dose of each extract to 4 1ml droppers and this time used the Chamomile extract totaling out at 20ml of extracts, 4ml of 4 different terpenes, 1ml each which ended up going the bottle with everything except the CBG and CBN.

Tonight is the new night with new isolate, new dosages, new additions such as the Terpenes, new larger sized tincture, etc. Tonight will be interesting. I will go back to how this all started which was adding chewable magnesium pills to my sleep regimen tomorrow night if this doesn’t change anything tonight.

So I will report tomorrow how all 5 extracts, 4 terpenes and CBD isolate faired in getting me to sleep and keeping me there as well as what sleep phases I was in and for how long. The goal is above 5 hours with more time spent in REM and deep sleep. Deep sleep is the most body-rejuvenating sleep phase there is.

Stay tuned.

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Sleep and Pain Relief – Hopefully My Last Night As An Insomniac..

After a lot of research on the matter regarding sleep and painsomnia (pain that keeps you awake or wakes you up so you can’t go back to sleep) could become a thing of the past.

I have bought many products for the e-store in order to make our own sleep tonic and pain relieving tincture as the ingredients in each tincture are good for both.

We are using a combination of extremely pure 2000mg/g CBD isolate, 1000mg CBG oil and CBN additive for the Cannabinoid portion of this product.

In terms of the herbal side, the most beneficial non groggy ingredients being used are also the most powerful OTC ingredients for sleep: L-Theanine, Passion flower, Valerian root and Kava Kava in a certain mixture combination within a 1 ounce dropper tincture which ends up being .5grams CBD isolate, .1g CBG and CBN, the rest of the ingredients are terpenes, herbals and fractionated MCT (coconut oil).

Obviously to protect our product we won’t share the concentrations of terpenes or which ones they are for now and herbals but know that in the combination they are in on paper have worked for me in testing and I have a terrible case of insomnia and have had it over 15 years. Kava Kava extract is pretty magical when mixed with L-Theanine (an amino acid synthesized by the body into GABA and GABA proteins which are then used for sleepiness, relaxation and even pain relief).

The final addition of CBG and CBN being so new to the market are the hidden factor of “hmm, what can we do best with this” so I tested CBG and CBN products for about a month dialing in a combination that worked great for pain so in terms of painsomnia this handles that side of not being able to sleep or stay asleep.

All of our ingredients are measured on a digital scale with milligram/milliliter accuracy using medical grade utensils for mixing ingredients.

Stay tuned!

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Tweedle Farms Samples -Part 1 of 6 – Cherry Wine High CBD Concentration Crumble/Wax

Yesterday we received our sample pack of 4 different CBD flower strains in 1 gram pre-rolled cones, 1 gram of Cherry Wine Crumble and 1 15ml 250mg tincture of CBG.

Last night I started off with some Cherry Wine Crumble mixed into some Electric Berry as I’m already familiar with what Electric Berry does to me, I wanted to see what adding a bunch of crumble to the dab rig would add to the mixture.

First off, smooth. The Electric Berry has always helped me sleep as an effect of the strain adding pain relief for sleep as well.

The addition of the crumble added to both the sleepiness and pain relief and did it quickly. The crumble added great taste with it’s combinations of terpenes as well as dabbing without a headache afterwards.

The research of the terpene profile the crumble added showed it was high in Pinene, Linalool and Myrcene, Myrcene in the highest concentration which for anyone with pain would want Myrcene in the mix either as part of the Terpene profile or as just a terpene isolate.

In terms of lab analyses if Cannabinoids, total amount of CBD, etc, the concentration of CBD is % 94.68, not overly concentrated but enough for a crumble product. On top of just CBD, adding other Cannabinoids will raise that number to % 96.71 concentration. 1.59 percent of cannabigerol, CBG, which is of course 15.9 mg/gram. The third highest Cannabinoid is Cannabidivarin (CBDV) which has a concentration of % .44 or 4.4 mg/g. All other Cannabinoids are close to not detected so it’s moot to mention them.

All in all, this is a great crumble for it’s Terpene profile, important Cannabinoids and CBD purity besides it’s ability to assist with sleep and limit the painsomnia.

At $45 USD per gram, it’s on past with the process of wax/crumble per gram on any other site as well as Cherry Wine being offered in other forms such as shake and flower strains.

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