3 Month Update On Weighted Blanket And New “Airgrip” Pillow

So once again, sleep had changed. After testing out the Ayurvedic cocktail of drops I decided to give up on those ingredients and only stick to Valerian Root.

The cooling weighted blanket has to be, by far, the best purchase I’ve made in a while that want that expensive. I fall asleep within 20 minutes, within 5 minutes if the TV is off. It is a 15lb blanket. The rule of thumb for buying weighted blankets is to buy one that’s near 10% of your body weight. It really does feel like an all night hug in any position you sleep in. I found that in the past 3 months I’ve slept more on my back than before getting this blanket. I was always a side sleeper and because of it always ended up walking up the next morning with extra neck pain. Now, on my back, in combination with my new pillow, I wake up without the instant aches I used to get on the side.

I think this blanket was around $50 USD on Amazon Prime. The brand is Syrinx and shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a blanket for it to be good. This is the one that came highly recommended and in every size you need (and colors). I have the 60×80 Queen version. They are approximately 3″squares filled with glass microbeads which is why they are cooking and distribute that heat away from you quickly.

The pillow is a 1 person pillow as it is 3/4 the size of a regular pillow made out of millions and millions of soft beads that instantly conform to size and features of your head and neck, whether you are on your back or side. It’s called the AirGrip pillow, arrives in about 15 days and is about $40 USD. Search Google for Airgrip Pillow and look for the funny looking one, should be airgrip.io address I believe.

Both products: 2 thumbs up.

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This is a very special time of the year for the #CBDMOVEMENTâ„¢. The heart of our mission has always been to provide the highest quality, fair-priced CBD to the masses. This is why we price our products a third less than other brands.

This Black Friday, we are offering CBD products at the biggest discount of the year in order to make our CBD more accessible to everyone!

To access this sale, use the link below and enter the coupon “BLACKFRIDAY30” at checkout.


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Tweedle Farms Samples – Elektra Cones – Part 2 of 6

Another fine product with whole plant constituents, no stems or seeds or other fillers.

As I’m used to Elektra/Electric Berry, I wanted to compare what I’ve had before to this and it didn’t disappoint.

With a CBD concentration above 18% and a terpene profile heavy with Myrcene, beta-Carophyllene and Linalool, it’s both highly effective for sleep and especially for pain.

I smoked the joint about 30 minutes before bed and took my new dropper of 4000mg full spectrum CBD oil, 2 dropper fulls which is around 250mg per dropper which helped me sleep over 7 total hours. I pasted my sleep stats from last night to Instagram,


as it’s the last post I made with the screenshot of my Fitbit stats.

So in terms of comparison to the other Elektra I’ve had before, I’m more pleased with this product than others. I would definitely buy more from Tweedle Farms as I believe they are around 8 bucks each.

The vapour flavor ban here in NY includes vapeable CBD unless it’s completely raw flavored and there aren’t many around here. All CBD you can buy online had flavor for vape thus making it illegal as of October 18. Originally it was October 4th but 4 out of 5 circuit judges issued a temporary restraining order on the law until the next meeting on the 18th. So in the meantime everyone is out buying all the juice they can with all the sales going on to clear inventory before it’s all thrown out.

Tweedle Farms: totally golden products and incredibly worth the great prices quantities are like an eighth or quarter, etc

The rest of the products tested are in the latest posting with the products from Herbal Pharm Rx e recently received.

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Insomnia after One Week with New Ayurvedic Solution and Weighted Blanket

It’s been a long week and I should have written this 3 days ago but I didn’t have the weighted blanket before more recently than that. So here is the review of both.

The truth over the past 2 nights is that the Ayurvedic Solution isn’t totally what’s working. The tincture sucks up too much Valerian root versus all the ingredients.

I’ve been taking 3 bottles of other ingredients separately and adding the 3000mg full spectrum CBD oil manually.

I chose to take Kava Kava, L-Theanine, Passionflower and the CBD/CBN combination.

It was giving me more sleep than I’ve gotten in a while and when I added the cooling weighted blanket (15lb), both of us slept better as well. Stacey gets more sleep than I do but here is more broken up. She wakes more often she tells me and that it might be the over the bed speakers that pay binaural beats and isochronic audio to enhance brain wave activation. They are Sonos Bluetooth speakers that I ran the power cables up the wall corners to obviously hide it since I couldn’t run it through the wall.

If you have Amazon Prime, make use of the binaural and isochronic music available there and make a playlist of those tracks. It’s included with your Prime subscription so why not use it.

Be Mindful, Meditate, practice good nutrition and hygiene, set a wake up and sleep time and adhere to them no matter how tired you are, you must stay awake until your designated sleep time because one tiny nap can ruin sleep.

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