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Welcome to my blog.  This is about my life and struggles every day with chronic pain.  As well as fun things like my poker games, my cute kitten Onyx, geeky things and more.  The calendar to the right with underlined dates shows when I posted something new.  Obviously I will post once or twice a day, perhaps AM and PM, or just randomly through the work day.  This is one of the only ways I can deal with the bottled up pain and feelings.

As I notice more and more followers, I will be adding certain features to this blog to not only protect the content from spammers and drive-by-commenters but to enhance many of the features of this blog such as product affiliations only for products I know help chronic pain and many other conditions (For example, CBD Oil which is a product I constantly extol the virtues of).

To follow us, you can find us on Instagram:@r2stevetwo and on Twitter:@r2steve2_blog.

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