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As you may have guessed, my name is Steve and this is my blog.  I’m what you would call a “spoonie” – someone with an invisible illness, chronic pain, hidden disability and other chronic conditions.  I happen to have a chronic pain issue due to a pretty bad injury to my cervical spine. I was snowboarding, my first time, and after a 2 hour private lesson my instructor told me it would be good to start out on one of the easy slopes.  My ex went with me as this was all her idea and I went down, with the inability to stop and fell head over heel the entire way.  I gave myself a concussion, a fractured tailbone and just some neck pain.  This was in 2000-2001 new years time in Vermont.  Since then, it turned into degenerative disc disease.  Further MRIs showed the degradation over time and my neurosurgeon and pain management specialists further diagnosed me with a disease of the c-spine called Cervical Spondylosis.  My cervical spine will continue to degenerate as the years go by but for now, I’m well managed with pain management and the plan they have, the spinal procedures I do and the shots I get.

Here I am!  To give you a little background besides the spoonie life.  I’m an empath.  I fall into the classification of emotional, physical and precognitive empath.  For work I am a network operations center director for a major healthcare system.  For fun, I enjoy creating music (36 year Pianist), performing music, playing poker, advocating for better health, extolling natural remedies and enjoy technology and it’s rapid progress.  I have always felt my goal in life was to help people but the problem with helping people is that if you help incorrectly, you absorb their negative energy.  Learning to ground oneself is incredibly important to give negative energy an easy way out of your body so you don’t hold onto it’s toxic effects.

I happen to be an advocate for the use of CBD oil (non THC, Hemp CBD oil) in high concentrations at therapeutic levels. (500mg and higher per 30ml bottle)  The CBD products I have tested have all had one common factor: They have eliminated most of my pain, cleared up my insomnia and so many more positive effects I wouldn’t know what to do without it.

If you happen to come by this page, read it, and have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can find me on twitter @r2steve2_blog or on instagram @r2stevetwo.  I eliminated the cesspool some of yall call Facebook.  This past election ruined it for me.


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