COVID-19 Aka Coronavirus

As you are well aware of by now, the WHO has recently labeled the Coronavirus (Strain: COVID-19) a worldwide pandemic. What started as a bunch of isolated groups of people in and around Wuhan, China quickly escalated into worldwide status for two reasons. 1. The easy access and ability to get on a plane and travel anywhere and 2. The fact that people, while feeling fine, were traveling while the virus was incubating inside them.

Coronavirus is the only human transferred virus we know of that is contagious in every form of it from reproduction to incubation and every other form it takes on inside the body.

Now there are three groups of people who are susceptible to the virus: newborns, the elderly and the immunocompromised. For the rest of us, from 5 to 60, it’s a bad cold, a light flu, sometimes a long lasting light to medium flu but a flu consisting of deep cold symptoms, nothing in the gastrointestinal system.

What can you do to keep you and your house and family germ free? Don’t go to conventions. Don’t go where there are large groups of people. The government is now suggesting you stay away from crowds greater than 10 people. Look at who is sending their employees home to work for the next 2 months at minimum? Companies like Google, many administrative jobs at hospital systems that don’t include clinical jobs, etc. My father, the director of Infection Control for New York State, tells us that this is barely the beginning. The beginning of the beginning will peak in 45 days from now give or take a week. This means bluntly, don’t save shopping for food for day 43. Do your hoarding now. Lots of non perishable foods (for example, a nice easy meal that will last forever is a can of vegetarian beans by Heinz), flash frozen ramen, all the pasta you can get, canned vegetables, ketchup and tomato sauces, hot dogs, frozen meals and if you have a large freezer like I do and a vacuum sealer, as much meat as you normally eat but a months worth.

What should you buy to protect the household?

Regular air filtering 3M masks do squat. The virus is smaller then their mask filter. You need what’s called an N95 mask which availability is spotty due to shortage and the fact that hospital institutions get them first. No shaking hands or kissing. Practice what we’ve all heard about: social distancing. There is no need to hoard purell or travel just to try and find it. As long as you have soap, the moment you get home, practice this soap routine: wash with soap while singing Happy birthday twice to your self. Wash from fingers, cuticles all the way down to your elbows like you were a doctor scrubbing for surgery.

Use Lysol surface cleaners to disinfect the rest. Door knobs, toilet flushers, sinks, any place you can think of that requires sanitizing, etc.

Don’t take out food, go to fast food or large restaurants. Many of these places lack common sense especially with the “employees must wash hands after using facilities”. Fast food is too many people going past the same person to pay, touch the bags, food containers, condiments so he’s not only getting bombarded by the possibly sick, he’s passing it on to everyone times 100.

Every product on this site is still in air locked containers and will remain that way even in their shipping containers so we will not have any hand on the actual inner products, that’s for you to rip open and enjoy safely. We’ve also setup an area of our office that is sealed with negative pressure and a vent system pulling air up and directly out the one story area we ship from. For custom terpene solutions you ask for, they are also put together in this tent with me and the other 2 partners wearing N95 masks, surgical grade latex free gloves and pre sterilized bottles and measuring cups and devices like scales. So we’re completely ready for this to get worse and more than ready for current conditions.

Be smart, be proactive, listen to scientific people like Dr Gupta, not Trump or anyone in his administration. He is scientifically a moron and denies science fact.

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