Explanation of Recent Website Problems and Improvements.

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If you remember a while ago, we had a fund raiser to move the equipment we are hosted on to another data center as our hosting provider’s contract was up.

Since then, they experienced many equipment failures on ailing equipment and the owner of that company had recently bought all new state of the art equipment to host elsewhere.

Since putting the equipment into their new location, we copied everything over and migrated DNS. Everything worked without a hitch until the owner said that he was getting out of the VPS game so once again, we had to find a new place to go.

Now we’re with Digital Ocean, a great hosting offering many features including free firewalls which we make use of, on site and off site weekly backups and bi-coast load balancing. This means that now with a much higher load each minute due to way more visitors, the load is shared between two locations depending on where in the world you are coming from.

With the amount of bandwidth we have now, hosting specifications, firewalls, load balancing and DDoS protection, we are a more solid website looking to finally expand our footprint and enable our ecommerce site soon. It keeps getting delayed by the sheer amount of products out there and the gradual lowering of prices we see daily.

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