3 Month Update On Weighted Blanket And New “Airgrip” Pillow

So once again, sleep had changed. After testing out the Ayurvedic cocktail of drops I decided to give up on those ingredients and only stick to Valerian Root.

The cooling weighted blanket has to be, by far, the best purchase I’ve made in a while that want that expensive. I fall asleep within 20 minutes, within 5 minutes if the TV is off. It is a 15lb blanket. The rule of thumb for buying weighted blankets is to buy one that’s near 10% of your body weight. It really does feel like an all night hug in any position you sleep in. I found that in the past 3 months I’ve slept more on my back than before getting this blanket. I was always a side sleeper and because of it always ended up walking up the next morning with extra neck pain. Now, on my back, in combination with my new pillow, I wake up without the instant aches I used to get on the side.

I think this blanket was around $50 USD on Amazon Prime. The brand is Syrinx and shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune on a blanket for it to be good. This is the one that came highly recommended and in every size you need (and colors). I have the 60×80 Queen version. They are approximately 3″squares filled with glass microbeads which is why they are cooking and distribute that heat away from you quickly.

The pillow is a 1 person pillow as it is 3/4 the size of a regular pillow made out of millions and millions of soft beads that instantly conform to size and features of your head and neck, whether you are on your back or side. It’s called the AirGrip pillow, arrives in about 15 days and is about $40 USD. Search Google for Airgrip Pillow and look for the funny looking one, should be airgrip.io address I believe.

Both products: 2 thumbs up.

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