Tweedle Farms Samples -Part 1 of 6 – Cherry Wine High CBD Concentration Crumble/Wax

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Yesterday we received our sample pack of 4 different CBD flower strains in 1 gram pre-rolled cones, 1 gram of Cherry Wine Crumble and 1 15ml 250mg tincture of CBG.

Last night I started off with some Cherry Wine Crumble mixed into some Electric Berry as I’m already familiar with what Electric Berry does to me, I wanted to see what adding a bunch of crumble to the dab rig would add to the mixture.

First off, smooth. The Electric Berry has always helped me sleep as an effect of the strain adding pain relief for sleep as well.

The addition of the crumble added to both the sleepiness and pain relief and did it quickly. The crumble added great taste with it’s combinations of terpenes as well as dabbing without a headache afterwards.

The research of the terpene profile the crumble added showed it was high in Pinene, Linalool and Myrcene, Myrcene in the highest concentration which for anyone with pain would want Myrcene in the mix either as part of the Terpene profile or as just a terpene isolate.

In terms of lab analyses if Cannabinoids, total amount of CBD, etc, the concentration of CBD is % 94.68, not overly concentrated but enough for a crumble product. On top of just CBD, adding other Cannabinoids will raise that number to % 96.71 concentration. 1.59 percent of cannabigerol, CBG, which is of course 15.9 mg/gram. The third highest Cannabinoid is Cannabidivarin (CBDV) which has a concentration of % .44 or 4.4 mg/g. All other Cannabinoids are close to not detected so it’s moot to mention them.

All in all, this is a great crumble for it’s Terpene profile, important Cannabinoids and CBD purity besides it’s ability to assist with sleep and limit the painsomnia.

At $45 USD per gram, it’s on past with the process of wax/crumble per gram on any other site as well as Cherry Wine being offered in other forms such as shake and flower strains.

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