CBD Tinctures and Extreme Pain Conditions

So as we say, CBD is a panacea, a cure-all. The problem I’ve found with CBD is yes, your body gets used to the higher doses and lower doses you take pretty quickly and requires more to give you the same effects.

I used to take 2500mg bottles which would be 2 dropper full doses in AM and PM. Simply put, this hasn’t cut it for a while as 166mg of CBD a day isn’t enough (2500mg รท 30ml = 83mg per dose in AM and PM).

I had to swap out my 2500mg CBD bottles for 4 doses a day, 2 AM and 2 PM equalling 167mg per dose from a 2500mg bottle total or do what I did which is step up to the next sized bottle of 5000mg where each of 2 daily doses is 167mg AM and PM.

Sure you will pay more for a 5000mg bottle but it will last you longer than doubling up your doses on a 2500mg bottle.

For those with severe pain illnesses, insomnia, etc, higher doses of CBD will have greater effects especially if you add any dosage of CBG to the mix.

Since adding a 1000mg 30ml bottle of CBG, cannabigerol, the compounding effects have cut down my pain a notch or two and helping the insomnia by increasing sleep by at least 2 hours a night.

Just like any medication or supplement, your body’s endocannabinoid system can get used to CBD thus requiring you to increase your dose eventually on a constant taper up schedule.

Are there ways around this?

Yes. If you buy CBD wax or shatter, aka CBD in extremely pure forms, you can smoke it and feel the effects immediately before sleep or watch the pain subside at the beginning of the day.

Smoking high concentration CBD flower buds which are full spectrum by nature containing very useful terpenes for sleep and pain control depending on the strain and exactly what terpenes are in high quantities such as Myrcene, Pinene, Linalool, Terpinolene, beta-carophyllene to name a few. Before you buy a high CBD strain of flower, do some research on the strain on Leafly.com as all known THC and CBD strains are listed there which includes what they are best used for medically and what you will feel. Smoking CBD is safer than vaping it unless you have a Volcano vaporizer which vaporizes instead of combusts the flower so you inhale the medicine and not the other toxins.

How and what you end up taking is eventually up to personal preference, cost of product and your own research.

Best of luck.

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CBDistillery: Taking the Guesswork Out Of Dosing.

I’m sure you’ve seen it. Everyone’s seen it. A bottle of CBD that says “750mg” or “2000mg” of CBD. These are of course 30ml bottles as normal.

What most people think is that per dose, per single dropper dose, they are getting what the bottle says. For example, if the bottle says 2000mg then their dose per dropper full is 200mg.

That is NOT how this works and we are sorry if you’ve been suckered into a product for this reason only.

You have to factor in the following: 2000mg PER 30ml thus per dose, what you are getting is 2000 divided by 30ml. That means 66.67mg of CBD per dose. It’s a total of 2000mg per bottle, hence why people get confused.

The CBDistillery has completely redone their labeling over the past few months to remove this dosing confusion.

Instead of the total amount of CBD per bottle listed on the label, their newer labels give you the amount of CBD per dose, per dropper full. This completely removes the confusion for everyone all around.

I’m sure some of the other top brands will soon follow suit because no one wants a confused customer as a repeat customer.

To check out the CBDistillery’s labels and amazingly pure and potent products check out the link below.

The [CBDistillery] is still one of the top gimmick free CBD companies, potent, pure reports and in this market, that’s what you want.

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