Tweedle Farms and CBG Products

As you have heard me speak about CBG, one of our favorite sites, where we get most of our CBD flowers, has a relatively new product which we will be testing with a few other samples coming in the mail.

First is their brand new CBG offering. They have 3 different CBG offerings in tincture form right now: 250mg 15ml, 500mg 30ml and 1000mg 30ml droppers. For most of those with painful chronic illnesses and severe anxiety, need neuroprotectants, or any of the vast things CBG is good for as can be found in the previously large article about CBG, these are for you. After the tinctures will be out, new high CBG strains of flower will be available soon as their growing seasons restart in Oregon farms who have already spoken about high CBG strains of smokeable flower.

The new planting and reaping season in Oregon shows statistics that many new high CBG strains will be on the horizon soon enough offered by many growers in that area to the point where competition will keep the prices relatively low compared to CBD.. what should be 10 to 12 dollars a gram will end up being 8-9 dollars a gram average based on CBG levels/concentrations.

One of the samples I’ll be receiving is 1 gram of a high CBD strain of wax (>96% pure CBD) and a variety of their high CBD flower strains in pre-rolled cone form (4-5 joints). So I can’t wait to test those for their strengths with regards to pain relief and help with sleep, anxiety and all that fun stuff.

In terms of sites to buy your CBD flowers, is where to go to get by the gram or larger. They usually have 20 or more active strains for sale on their site besides the tinctures, other CBD products and now the new CBG products. Check em out!

If you want to learn about each strain on the site, go to for strain specific advantages both feeling wise and medical effects. This site is a plethora of knowledge.

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