Vapable CBD Oil Review: Spectrum Elite 1500mg Full Spectrum Oil

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First of all, I accidentally found this product at my local CBD wholesalers warehouse because I pointed at the product in front of it and he thought I was pointing at this and took this out instead.  With it, he showed me the lab results as he usually does.  I said “No, I meant the one over there” then he said “No, you should try this, it’s new and my client’s can’t get enough of it”.

Funny that I hadn’t seen it before because it’s from the same showcase I get my other full spectrum products (gummies, vaping oil, regular tinctures, etc). I looked at the lab results and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of cannabinoids and terpenes were in this simple never-heard-of product.  It came, at least he carried, in 500, 750, 1000 and 1500mg strengths with about a 70-80% purity per this particular batch.  I liked that they ran lab results on a per-batch basis as any decent company should do.

So I went with the 1500mg as my neck problem requires a higher dose than others.  For someone trying to put a squash on anxiety, depression or minor pains, try something between 750mg and 1000mg and not only will it last you longer but the results will blow you away almost instantly.

I buy different CBD products for different problems and times of the day.  I wake up with CBD to kick off the pain relief, i take it at night to cut down the painsomnia and insomnia in general.  A normal dose of CBD would destress you but keep you up, a slightly more than normal dose has the opposite effects on sleep and would knock you out soundly.  I haven’t slept this well in a long time.  Not only is my sleep restful and I wake up feeling more innervated, but my pain is less because I can sleep in more comfortable positions, positions that would normally hurt during the night.

In terms of stress and anxiety, 3 puffs on my vaporizer of this stuff and I’m golden.  Especially if extremely stressed at work I would just run outside and take 3 quick puffs and back in I go with the same work load but far less stress and anxiety.

I don’t have night sweats anymore from nighttime anxiety and feel more comfortable sleeping versus the usual feelings of having anxiety because I’m about to do something that brings me anxiety; sleep due to my 15+ year insomnia.

I don’t know where on the web you could find this product, look up “Spectrum Elite Vapable CBD Oil” on Google and I’m sure you’ll find it.  Here is the product image:


Usual price at the wholesaler for me is 45-50 dollars depending on strength.  $45 for the 1000mg and $50 for 1500mg but it might cost the average non wholesaler more but I can’t see it being above 80-100 dollars but keep in mind, if they ask for that price, not only is it worth it but its FULL SPECTRUM CBD oil, not isolate, not just CBD but every cannabinoid and terpene possible.  This is what gives your endocannabinoid system the entourage effect which is how it works best. Total grade for this product out of a 10: 9.5

The .5 is because of the awesome price.

I checked and the manufacturer has no website to checkout their product yet.  I went there and the index page is missing so they are obviously working on a product and information page.

Happy Vaping!

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