Pain Management Appointment 3/29/18

Today was a rather painful day just waking up but I knew that soon I had an appointment with pain management so I wasn’t too worried about the pain.  I went in around 10:30 and was seen at 10:31, must have been a slow day.

I waited for 4 minutes after my vitals were taken to see my doctor.  When she walked in she immediately commented that my head was pitched to the left in the direction of the pain.

We spoke a lot about upcoming procedures and about the upcoming nerve conduction study I’m having to plan injections around it.  So since my NCD test will probably be more than a month away, we decided on a few things and scheduled them all. In two weeks I’m getting a diagnostic injection called a medial branch block to test one joint to see if it is ablatable.  If the medial branch block works I should have pain relief for no longer than 24 hours in that joint.  That means it works and that the nerve root can be ablated.

2 weeks after that injection, I have a morning appointment with the doctor to give her my thoughts of the medial branch block and then following that I have a 3 level left side ablation: c2/c3, c3/c4, c4/c5.  Finally we are attacking the left side as they’ve primarily only attacked my right side even though the MRIs all show the primary areas of pain are on the left side.  This procedure should give me a long lasting pain relief on the left side just like the previous ablations have given me.  On top of the ablations I have the doctor give me a small facet block so it stops the pain from the ablation. (The ablation sets off the body’s traumatic reaction system and inflames the area causing more pain hence a facet block on top to stop this pain)

I’m looking forward to these injections and know they will greatly help my situation.

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Neurosurgeon Appointment

I think my neurosurgeon appointment went well.  He outlined all the problematic areas I have and C6/C7 was not one of them.  It may have a bad disc but its not one of them.  C2/C3 and C4/C5 are pushing harshly into the spinal canal.  This is what we discussed primarily.

He make an analogy, which is why hes good, as to what is going on.  Imagine your contractor built a hallway and there is junk in the hallway blocking foot traffic.  The idea of the kind of surgery I need would be two fold: remove the junk and increase the size of the hallway.  A Laminectomy is not out of the question as well as a fusion but he’s on the team that uses artificial discs for discs that are damaged and pushing crap into the spine.

The first thing I have to do is get a Nerve Conduction test – also called an NCD Test or an EMG, all the same.  It’s quite a painful test where they shove needles into your nerves and run current and check time traveled from point to point.  It’s not pleasant to think about but I have to do it soon so we can come up with a surgical plan afterwards.

The Neurosurgeon praised my usage of CBD Oil and said it’s one of the best tools out there for people like us to use.

Always another test..

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Meet Onyx – My Therapy Cat

Yes. Cats can be therapy pets too. Cats just do it differently than others. Their cute poses, playful activity, affection and the bond you create with them is something that can’t be broken.

So this is onyx:

She is an exceptional example of what a cat should be like and I believe that she feeds off of my bad days surrounding me with nothing but love and affection.

She is 8 months old and has fur that is so ultra soft to touch and pet.  Soft like a fur coat or soft fleece throw.  We even have meowing conversations, she so funny.

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