CBD and Dementia – 2 Trials

Many of you know what dementia is and either have someone in your family or a friend’s family with it.  The debilitating effects of dementia can leave lasting effects on the caretaker’s family as well as friends.  I know for me it made for very frustrating conversations with my grandmother, my mother’s mother, who slipped further away year after year the last 8 years of her life.

In combination with my grandma, my good friends grandfather also had dementia and we were willing to try anything at this point that was non medical to try and not lose them into the fog until they die.  We tried CBD.

Since I’ve been on CBD for over a year now and he was also taking CBD longer than I was we read that it helped stave the effects of dementia in high doses.  Since he got me to take Green Roads CBD, we decided that we would both put our respective grandparents on this particular oil at 1500mg which meant 3 drops AM and 3 drops pm.  We wrote our grandparents notes on their mirrors in the bathroom at night so they wouldn’t forget.

The effects were astounding.

First, I stopped having to repeat myself in conversations.  The biggest part of my grandma’s dementia was her inability to remember anything in the short term (hence the notes) and a phone conversation would slip past her almost immediately.  I would tell her about a night out and then she would ask me later in the conversation what I did Friday night or whatever night it was that events took place.  So to be able to have new conversations with her remembering them was a major plus.  She soon became able to remember which pills to put in AM and PM in her pill holder.  After 6 months of CBD she was a new woman.  It was my old grandmother again.  The one who loved to play piano with me who was remembering the piano songs we used to play.

My friend told me the stories about his grandfather.  The stories were very similar.  He tells me about his grandfather’s memory and ability to start to remember new memories in the short term. He had told me one other big plus; his grandfather no longer needed diapers and was able to get up and go to the bathroom because he remembered to go.  This detail about my grandmother I didn’t know as it wasn’t shared with me nor did I think to ask about it.

We both saw positive effects on both and honestly weren’t surprised at all given what we know about CBD oil.

Dementia? Add it to your list of what CBD can help with.  It was wonderful to speak to my grandma again like we were both young again.

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