CBD Oil and Heart Rate Variability

When I used to notice that my heart rate went from slow to fast to slow on and on, at rest, and was diagnosed with heart rate variability, this was when I was originally placed on Metoprolol. This is before I ever had a-fib or a-fib with SVT.

Marijuana used to help but then in the long run hindered the syndrome. It used to make my heart rate climb and stay there with a pounding feeling. It would create a lot of anxiety which in turn would increase the heart rate even further and the pounding even heavier until I would start walking around my place with my phone in my hands ready to call 9-11.

So then I quit smoking Marijuana altogether and the pounding went away. The only thing that didn’t go away was the heart rate variability (HRV).

When I started with the low dose of CBD Oil, if you’ve been following the blog, the afib and SVT went away. What I failed to notice was that the HRV also went away. Since I was more interested and in tune with the afib/SVT combo platter I forgot to check with the waiter to see when the HRV would be ready.

So now 12 months later. No HRV, No Afib and No Afib/SVT. Not even one bout. I do get the random palpitation for example from too much coffee or too much sugar but besides that, 1 palpitation a week, if that.

Now that I have a steady heart rate that can be looked at in depth for a substantial amount of time, a halter meter, I can say that it’s because of CBD, perhaps a little from the Metoprolol but primarily from the CBD dosing I’m on.

Mind you now, even though I have no heart defects except a leaky valve which so many of us have and isn’t important, I still take 1 pill of metoprolol as prescribed filed in the “just in case” category.

Keeping your endocannabinoid system busy is important for efficient healthy cardiac function. As written in my CBD and your Heart article, I clearly outline why this is.

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Remeron – 1 Week

I’ll say that it’s been a good week.  None of this sleep for 1 hour, go to the bathroom and then be up for the rest of the night until morning when I have to go to work.  I get up, I do my thing, I go back into bed and pass right back out until the morning.

I’ve slept a good 8 hours each night, and then some.  I’ve been getting to bed around 9:30-10pm and sleeping until 8am and that’s all I can ask for.  I feel a little groggy in the morning and it is a little difficult to get myself going.  The car ride to work is a bit dizzying but I can work through that within the first few minutes of the drive.

I’m taking double what we started at with less klonopin per night and it’s working great. I believe that for now at least, we found something that works.  Just by adjusting from 1 pill to 2 pills sealed the deal.

If you have insomnia and have tried everything, try this medication that is old, has been proven, yet isn’t really used anymore because of the sleepiness it causes which is perfect for insomniacs.



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Emergency Maintenance – -9:30pm EST

We had to undergo an emergency maintenance and reboot on a new security vulnerability in our webserver. Things are back to normal and everything is backup. We were down for about 15 minutes total.

So sorry but at least the server won’t get deleted overnight by some hateful hacker now.

-webserver admin team

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