Remeron – Night/day 3

So another post about my experience with the new sleep aid, Remeron, I’ve been on.  Another amazing nights sleep and since I did not have anything to do, my body woke me up at around noon. I was shocked.

My cat was all over me yet I did not wake up.  I would call this medication a success in the short term and I only hope it continues.

I did notice that I am groggier the following day but if I start to do things, it goes away quickly.

If you are looking for a non benzo or non hypnotic drug class medication for your sleep, ask your doctor for Remeron or Doxepin (another of the same type – tricyclics).  They are very helpful.

Last night I was awake for 3 hours from 10 to 1 not able to fall asleep.  I was up, went to the bathroom and came back into bed.  Changed my audio playlist and was soon out like a light.

I have a lot of playlists on my Plex server designed for relaxation and meditation.  Last night I threw on a Binaural Beat collection playlist I put together during the day and put it on play.  Previously I was listening to Enya but the volume was so low on her recordings that I didn’t want to raise the volume of my speaker too much in the event the music suddenly got louder so I threw on this Binaural mix.  Out like a light.


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