Ambien – Conclusion

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Ok.  First of all, this was a disaster trial with my primary doc.  His only primary option was Ambien above other options like Rozerem or Lunesta (I’ve tried Lunesta and the next day it tasted like I was eating rusty nails the whole day). But besides the point, here is my take.

  1. Ambien worked for 1 day, well.  I slept at about 30 minutes past when I took it until the next morning.  Great and how it is supposed to work.
  2. The next day it worked for half of the first day with me feeling like a zombie the next day, complete and utter zombie.
  3. Yesterday I didn’t sleep more than 4 hours and again, complete and utter zombie
  4. Today, slept about 6 hours but was still a walking corpse.

It was a test and it failed.  So for now I will go back to over the counter Unisom (Doxylamine Succinate) which i take a pill and a half (half a pill over what they tell you to take) which has worked for me in the past.  As it’s not addictive like Ambien and those other drugs since its just a powerful anti-histamine, this will be better for me.  My doc prescribed something called something or other, who knows these names anymore, a mid range dose tri-cyclic anti-depressant with major drowsiness as a symptom so let’s see if that helps tonight.  I’m supposed to give it a week and if it doesn’t work after 3 days to take 2 pills at night.  If that fails then what? Do I go back for another sleep study I mean who has time for this?

I just want to sleep, that’s it.  Anyone have any recommendations besides “oh take melatonin”.  To those of you who take melatonin supplements, don’t.  If you take it externally, your body stops synthesizing Vitamin-D into natural melatonin and then you are forced to take it externally forever basically.  So just say no.  Natural valerian root sleep complexes are useful and will work better than melatonin.  Keep that in mind the next time your eyes are fixated on melatonin.  Look around for Magnesium and Valerian Root.

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