11 Months of CBD and Cervical Spondylosis

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Well, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.  CBD is a magical widget medication.  I say widget because it’s placed in between your actual medication and your physical therapy stuck in the middle as a semi form of medical helpfulness.

What do I mean?

If it was the only thing working I wouldn’t require other pain medications to help it’s worth.  I accept the fact that I still need the pain medications and medications for nerve pain as well as the monthly nerve blocks but the effects of CBD on Cervical Spondylosis are clear and present.  The mobility is greater as well as the pain is less.  Not gone, less.

If it were gone, I’d of course be off of pain medications as well as the nerve medications.  But it’s definitely doing something right there stuck in the middle of other medications.  It’s effects on painsomnia are probably the greatest of all.  I do weaken slower through the day with it and it takes more time for pain to become intolerable.

In terms of actual insomnia it doesn’t seem to want to work at all but if you add pain to insomnia making it painsomnia then it helps eliminate the pain to only end up left with Insomnia which for now Ambien is taking care of.

I can lift more, exert more, move more in general with it as opposed to without it.  My dose of 1500mg which is 6 drops AM and 6 drops PM is an effective dose for me.  When my month is up and I’m due for ONBs, I up the drops to 10 drops AM and PM until I get my nerve blocks.  For example today and the past few days I’ve had cervicogenic headaches due to the occipital neuralgia.  For this I increase the dose temporarily until I get my ONBs which for now is on Thursday so I can wait no problem.

The biggest effect CBD has is on the actual physical disc pain.  With the other pain problems i have; occipital neuralgia, osteoarthritis and bone spurs, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disorder, CBD is most effective on the degenerative disc disease and the cervicogenic headaches.

I hear CBD works well for people with insomnia and full spectrum oil like I use is where you want to go with regards to that.  You don’t want simple CBD isolate, you want CBD with terpenes and other CB(s) that are all non THC.  Green Roads is a great brand for this.  So is Charlottes Web.  Since the designers of Charlettes web were the first in this market and have mastered the formulas, they have the best chances of helping you out in all forms of relief.  I don’t use it but I’ve tried it.  It’s a bit pricey for what I use it for so I haven’t bought it only had samples to try when I was thinking of selling their product here.  As 90% of this blog is CBD related and 95% of all hits a day are CBD articles, I wanted an option to offer to my viewers.  Try our CBD Affiliate, CBDistillery.  They have excellent prices, their products are full spectrum products with more than 7 cannabinoids including terpenes and excellent purity according to 3rd party lab reports.

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