Adding a Section for Blog Sites

Run a Blog? Like to write? We are adding a section for bloggers to post their blogs, related or not but would like to remain on the subjects we talk about such as health, fitness, physical rehab, food, breakthroughs and science.

On the other end of the spectrum, email us at if you are interested in writing for us.  Plenty of topics to  discuss, not enough people to write about them.  You know you want to share, don’t you!?

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New Theme

I think that this theme change was necessary.  I always had a problem with the moving clouds at the top of the old theme that would move based on your location and used your camera so if you rotated your laptop the clouds would move too.  Well they didn’t move right and the rotation was wrong on mobile devices.

This themes passed by on the WordPress site and I did a site preview with my content and hey, I liked it!

Next thing is to add the affiliate blogs who have agreed to link share to a new page I need to make at the top of each page.

All in all, 1 article keeps getting 2500 hits a day on a bad day and now it looks very nice.  I can see the amount of facebook shares and it’s at 800 which is more than I would have thought.

The article in question, CBD and Atrial Fibrillation, looks nice with the new theme and now I added the added option of subscribing to the blog from every page at the bottom as well as using Google Translate (r) to translate to whatever for the viewer.

Each time I look, wordpress continues to keep on impressing me.  Too bad they can’t fix their Google AdSense problem…

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