CBD And Occipital Neuralgia Specific Cervicogenic Headaches

To continue with the series on Cervicogenic Headaches (CHs), I wanted to post what I thought would be beneficial to those who not only have CHs but also have Occipital Neuralgia (ON).

I’ve been taking CBD for a while yet noticed it was not doing anything to stop or curtail the pain I was getting from a worsening problem I was having; ON.  As I’ve written before, CBD Oil has been beneficial towards CHs in general but never specifically wrote about issues causing such CHs.

One issue causing CH is, as the article states, Occipital Neuralgia; pain, headaches and other badness caused by your Occipital Nerve branch in the back of the skull.

It took a lot of fine tuning my CBD dose until I was able to say that they were having a positive effect on my ON and ultimately my CHs.  Since I’ve been taking CBDistillery 1500mg CBD 3 drops in the AM and 3 drops in the PM I decided to increase to 6 drops AM and 6 drops PM.

Such a subtle increase, such a major benefit.  Not just extra added benefit of lessening non ON cervicogenic headaches, but on the actual ON itself.  The pain around my eyes, behind my eyes, over the ears to the back of the head and down the cervical spine substantially dropped.  In between my pain management appointments where when the Occipital Nerve Block wears off, this new dosing regimen didn’t have me crying uncle between appointments instead it has kept the pain and issue in check.Since restarting CBD a bunch of months ago, I have been playing with doses compared to their suggested dosing schedule of 3 drops AM and 3 drops PM.  At 6 AM and PM I have not only put a kabosh on ON related CHs, but it has helped the pain around the joints that are osteoarthritic.  The levels of my spine with stenosis doesn’t hurt as much.  Mind you, this is also without extra added pain medicine, just CBD.

The extra drops also have been helping with painsomnia – an extra added bonus.  The only thing it’s not helping with is the severe nerve pain I have down my arms or down both legs which numb them overnight causing SEVERE pain in the morning when I wake up, pick my head up off the pillow and attempt to get up.  It takes me 10 minutes for feeling to return to my legs, after a 5 minute bout of extreme pain then 3 minutes of pins and needles and then a few minutes of moving around and stretching before I’m actually able to use them.  For this I will have to get a referral for a consult with a neurosurgeon to find out what nerves are being compressed, by what, and how bad.  I mean this symptom is rather alarming as it’s sprung into action lately and the onset has been rapid.  I don’t think CBD is for large nerve help as opposed to the Occipital Nerve Branch which are smaller, not as defined and are different for each patient.  We’re talking complete lack of sensation because of the sciatic nerve or some other very large nerve down both branches of each leg.  CBD no worky.  I will say this,  I tried one week 6 drops AM and 10 drops PM to see if there would be any change but it hasn’t had any effect so I went back to 6 and 6.

So in my experience for small nerve, yes it has a great effect on.  Large nerve, not so much.

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