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This site is to serve as an informational corner of the internet for all things spoonie, technology, cats and the occasional poker game.  My idea is that we all share what we’ve been through, how we deal with our issues, what tools and alternate medicines are out there and what options there are for people.

I have been a spoonie for a long time and it’s part of my culture.  As an advocate for spoonies I share and spread knowledge that I’ve learned myself as well as things I’ve learned from other spoonies about their spoonieisms and amazing abilities.

Currently I work in healthcare IT as the director of network operations for a large hospital system where I live. I write “abilities” above because we’ve all heard about each others’ disabilities or disabling chronic illnesses whereas I refer to them as abilities because we can handle things people without chronic illnesses can’t. For example, those of us with migraine, auto-immune diseases, traumatic illnesses and/or mental illnesses have learned to incorporate such things into our lives in ways that others would just give up on. We do things others would dare not do or wouldn’t be able to do if they had something simple like the flu and yes to us, the flu is simple as it goes away. A spoonie has something that will not go away. Not ever. We are the unchargeables, we are the spoonies!

So come on down, look around, participate, it might be fun!





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Vaping CBD Via Pod Or Mod System.

So for years I’ve been vaping my CBD and CBG juices with a vaping mod, one that required higher wattage levels to started to vaporize CBD which is normal for mods with their sub-ohm coils in their huge atomizers. So you would have a 50 watt minimum setting on a .14 ohm coil to effectively give you the hit you want.

Now let’s talk about pods and pod kits. While they have sub ohm pods, they use between 5 and 25 watts which is a way more optimal method of vaping CBD oil for flavor and more effects such as NOT burning your oil! Or wasting it on huge vape clouds because after all, we’re looking for healthy solutions, not tricks. You can do a mouth to lung (MTL) hits or lung pulls but with less of a vapor hit but honestly, it’s more than enough.

I just picked up the Smok Novo 2 which is tiny, light, versatile, easy to recharge, lasts more than a day of a decent amount of vaping and recharges with a mini USB cable. Just make sure you don’t use quick chargers on them as you will end up frying the circuitry and battery.

This current CBD oil, Spectrum Ellie 1500mg with a blue razz flavor I can actually taste finally! And I’m getting great hits from the pod system and an almost instant entourage effect. No headaches, no burnt tastes and the refillable pods take 2ml of oil at either 1.0ohms or 1.2ohms. the 1.2 ohm pod is designed for nic salts but if you are like me and don’t use it for that reason you can put regular nicotine e juice in there. Plus I got a case for the pod, separate filled pods filled with other oils and juices and just throw it in my pocket and I’m gone. You can do passthrough vaping which means you can vape while it’s charging which is a great feature. It has an 8 second automatic shut off to prevent overheating or circuitry damage. The device kit cost me 20 bucks plus extra pod package of 3 1.0ohm pods for 8 bucks. All in all, a good purchase and a great experience. There era of large mods is coming to an end.

By the way, most, 99% of pod systems are auto regulated which means you plug in the pod and the device automatically sets the wattage and voltage. In terms of the Novo 2, they are ideal settings so I’m pleased with my entire experience.

This is what it looks like:

smok Novo 2

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A Common CBD Question We See Everywhere…

If you walked into any vape, head or CBD shop nowadays, you have sales people asking you that one question you may not know how to answer: “Are you looking for full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate-based products?”

A while ago it was “Of course, here are our CBD products” and that was that.

Nowadays you need to know about the Entourage effect, what’s best for illnesses, which has the most amount of Terpenes, Cannabinoids and other constituents of the hemp plant?

So let’s start with what most people are looking for nowadays – Full-Spectrum CBD. What this means to you, the consumer, is first and foremost, the Entourage effect which makes every ingredient work to it’s highest capability in tandem with your endocannabinoid system. Full Spectrum means you are getting a product that is made from the entire hemp plant including THC but only less than the federal maximum of THC allowed for those States where recreational marijuana usage is still not allowed. That level is less than %.3. this amount of THC will not set off drug tests UNLESS the drug test or tox screen is testing for Cannabinoids where anyone who uses any type of CBD would fail but since the farm act of 2018, most people have stopped that form of testing.

So besides the amount of psychoactive THC in full spectrum CBD products, you get terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, plant proteins from the original hemp source and of course, CBD. If the company that makes the product stands behind their product, they will provide for you a full lab report which includes the amount of CBD, CBD products like CBN, CBG, etc, cannabinoids, terpenes and tests for heavy metals and pesticides if any. If you buy your products online, look for any “Lab Report” links and read it over. You want a diverse mix of constituents to get the full entourage effect.

Next we have broad spectrum CBD. Basically broad spectrum is full spectrum without the THC, no THC at all through the distillation process. However you still get the sought after entourage effect with broad spectrum products.

Finally we have CBD isolate. Personally since I add my item terpene and Cannabinoids like CBG, I prefer CBD isolate simply because of its utter flexibility for making creams, balms, salves, edibles, your own tinctures, etc. CBD isolate is usually processed so well from full spectrum CBD that THC and all other molecules besides CBD are removed so it’s more than 99.5% pure with most products being quite close to 100% pure. Due to it being anhydrous, without water, it’s in a powder form that is easily absorbed in everything requiting no carrier oil like MCT products like coconut oil.

I make our soon to be sold pain cream with Isolate simply due to the amount of cannabis products already added to it such as CBG (cannabigerol AKA the mother of cannabinoids), very specific cannabis and botanical terpenes designed for specific ailments such as Myrcene or Pinene for pain and pain alone and other ingredients that will stay private until you read the label! Terpenes come in over 10 thousand different types but you can get away with knowing about the most popular 75-100 most used terpenes though time by medicine men, shamens, etc..

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CBD User Guide By The CBDistillery

I found a great resource through one of our more popular affiliates.

They wrote and started offering this PDF at no cost to anyone visiting their site, buying their products or just running into the link by pure happenstance.

If you have had any questions about CBD, hemp oil, Cannabinoids, terpenes, full spectrum versus broad spectrum versus isolate/crystalline, here are your answers.

Remember that the CBDistillery has been a true gimmick free CBD sure since their inception and offers quality high value CBD products from oils to creams, Vapes to edibles, pet treats to pills at incredibly reasonable prices compared to many many other sites.

Their products’ lab reports consistently show high amounts of CBD in isolate (99.8%+ purity), high amounts of CBD and Cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes in their full spectrum line and the option to get each product in either full spectrum or isolate forms. Obviously if you already know this market you know that isolate products are slightly cheaper than full spectrum products that offer the “Entourage effect” which if you don’t understand, this PDF will explain to you in detail.

The link is below and as your virus scanners will show you, it’s perfectly safe to open.


I hope this helps clear up confusion in this market of buzzwords and language you don’t hear everyday but it should help you in deciding what products are best for you. You can always email us for our opinion based on your budget, malody or reason for starting CBD and starting milligrams as that is different per each and every person.

As our mailboxes get inundated daily, please allow up to 48 hours for a reply at most.

Happy CBDing!

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National CBD Day!

If you have yet to do so, JOIN THE #CBDMOVEMENT starting on 8/8/19, Thursday also known as today!

All orders above 75 dollars will qualify for free shipping and prices have been slashed by up to 30% with great deals on the purest CBD isolate from crystalline and cheaper specialty products under the same product line of CBD isolates called CBDelicious with an amazing concentration of the highest purity CBD isolate I’ve seen yet. Both the crystalline and powder are medical food grade products that mix into anything whether you are missing said product into food products, beauty creams, creams with these isolate additives to help with chronically ill issues such as chronic pain or put under the tongue like tinctures for mentally issues like anxiety, depression control and many other malodies including controlling blood sugar levels in diabetes but under the tongue had the same effect as oil does on all the malodies listed and more..

Besides isolates there are obviously full spectrum tinctures where the 1000mg 30ml bottles are on sale for $60 down from either 70 or 80, I’m unsure what the original price was but you can see it on the page as the original prices are still listed but crossed off. I don’t know if this coupon code still works but TAKE20 would take %20 off the full spectrum 1000mg 30ml product only when applied at checkout.

One of the companies we deal with, CBDistillery, has put the ultimate CBD user guide so I put it online for reading and commenting with questions enabled if needed. Here is the link

CBD User Guide PDF

Here is the main link to the site as I’ve shortened it for your ease of access:


If you have and questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! We respond to emails within 8 to 24 hours.

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